Tour Vietri sul Mare

When you decide to take a tour in Vietri sul Mare, you will be sent back to an enchanting place for many reasons. This charming village is located on the Amalfi coast, stands in a unique beauty spot and lies exactly on the northern part of the Metelliana valley, at the entrance to Salerno.

Vietri sul Mare is a place that testifies to the presence of ancient civilizations, thanks to the castles, palaces and towers still present, the dukes, the princes, the ambassadors and finally the poets and artists who lived here or passed there; and tells the facts, also thanks to its typical mosaics and ceramics. For all these reasons, this charming village has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A tour in Vietri sul Mare to learn about its history

When you visit Vietri, you will start from what was the ancient Etruscan merchant nucleus, the Marcina. These are two urban centers: the first is a sort of terrace overlooking the sea and the second is the Marina, a seaside resort with an enchanting beach, on which the large Saracen tower is located and where you can walk overlooking the Amalfi coast. One of the major attractions is the Church of San Giovanni Battista, a majolica dome erected in the late Renaissance Neapolitan style, behind which rise the Lattari Mountains.

Tour in Vietri among ceramics, art and nature

In the current historic center of Vietri you will find the many ceramics that make their brand known worldwide and which are born in the distant fifteenth century. In the fifteenth century, faenzera was built on the remains of the frigidarium, a ceramic furnace found completely intact together with various pottery.

It is possible to visit the Ceramics Museum at Villa Guariglia in Raito. Starting from Piazzale Matteotti, while the guide will tell you facts rich in history and art, you will admire the 10th century Cathedral, the 18th century frescoed Oratory, the park and the pottery factory. You can see the Palazzo della Guardia and other buildings dating back to the eighteenth century, distributed on Corso Umberto. You will enjoy the view of the Gulf of Salerno which will leave you speechless. Here are the vines grown on the terraces close to the coast and the organic vineyards hidden by the lush vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean scrub. Right here the presence of ancient olive trees, pomegranates, myrtles, laurel, lemons, oaks is very dense.