Tour Vesuvius

Vesuvius is a well-known Italian volcano. It stands on the beautiful Gulf of Naples and overlooks countless small towns and villages. It is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world – due to its activity and the dense population of the surroundings. It became sadly famous because of the eruption that exterminated the inhabitants of Pompeii – and beyond.

Over the years, the need to enhance the volcano became increasingly dominant: in 1995 the Vesuvius National Park was therefore opened. The purpose of this place is to protect and defend, in addition to the volcano itself, flora and fauna (it is curious to note that although the size of the park is small, the species of living beings that live there are innumerable).

In the park it is possible to choose one of the eleven official paths: each of them has a different length and degree of difficulty, in order to guarantee everyone a fun excursion and without incurring excessive efforts.

The paths of Vesuvius

The first path takes the name of “The valley of hell”. It is in fact one of the longest (almost ten kilometers) and difficult routes. The positive note is that, on the way, you can admire the remains of the rope lava.

Always at a high level of intensity, we find the second path: “I Cognoli di Ottaviano”, a tour that turns, between various ups and downs, literally around the volcano.

Two paths, on the other hand, of medium intensity are the number eight and the number ten, respectively “Along the route of the train and rack” and “L’Olivella”. Both tours are just under two kilometers long and offer various spectacular views. In particular, the second path mentioned leads to the sources, from which it takes its name.

The paths of low difficulty level are countless: “The Tirone-Vesuvius nature reserve” (nr. 4) – just over eight kilometers long, it does not face too many differences in height; “The climb to the crater of Vesuvius” (nr. 5) – over three kilometers long, it is the most chosen and frequented by tourists; “the pine forest of Terzigno” (nr. 11) – whose overall length touches the kilometer, offers a relaxing path inside the pine forest and is also suitable for elderly people or those with limited mobility.

Visiting the Vesuvius park is a unique and sensational experience: depending on the choice, it can become a relaxing day for body and mind or a challenge to yourself.