Tour Positano

Positano is a municipality in the province of Naples, located on the Amalfi coast. To visit it comfortably, a valid solution is our vehicle rental service with driver (car or mini van): in this way you can admire Positano and the whole Amalfi Coast without haste and in comfort. It is an option not to be underestimated also because there are no worries about parking the vehicle.

The city and beauties of Positano

This city is known all over the world for the beautiful – and very romantic – panorama and for the splendid views it offers on the sea. Beyond that, it is popular for its pebbly beaches and narrow alleys, which offer countless activities: bars, restaurants and shops selling handicrafts and local products (such as, for example, the famous majolica tiles and the highly prized limoncello).

Positano is an excellent city in which to eat: the range of proposals from the various restaurants is very wide and the excellence offered by almost all restaurants is precisely zero kilometer fish.

With a full stomach, there are many places to visit: the main religious building is the church of Santa Maria Assunta; of totally different character, however, are the two main beaches of the city “Spiaggia Grande (located at the foot of the town, famous on the internet for the various photographs that portray various marriage proposals … and not only!) and the Fornillo beach (which is only a few hundred meters from the main pier, hydrofoil stop and boats that take you to Procida, Ischia and Capri). Both beaches best express their beauty during the spring or autumn season: generally mild temperatures, the days rather long and sunny and the lesser presence of tourists, they allow you to take long walks or simply stop to admire the panorama in peace.

Another monument to visit is represented by the Saracen Towers: built in medieval times, they allowed the inhabitants of Positano and all the other cities of the Amalfi Coast to protect themselves and defend themselves from Saracen attacks. In the past, signals were sent to nearby towers from there, in order to alert and signal the arrival or sighting of the invaders. Today, of course, they no longer perform this function but, the Saracen towers have become perfect places from which to admire the panorama of the Amalfi Coast (at night, in fact, you can see the lights of the countless nearby cities. By day, instead, you enjoy the beautiful natural and anthropological landscapes) and the sea.

Positano is also famous, in the world of fashion and beyond, for its “Positano beach line”: dresses, shirts in linen, cover-ups, sarongs and much more, some of which are decorated with local stones and corals, which embellish the fantasy and give the final result class, elegance and a breath of freshness and sea. It is definitely worth visiting the small boutiques and considering buying a one-of-a-kind garment.