Tour Paestum

If you have decided to take a tour in Paestum, you will see enchanting places, you will visit a place where history comes to life thanks to treasures such as the Temples and the Tuffatore’s Tomb. In the village of Paestum you can visit the Archaeological Park and the National Archaeological Museum, which tell the deeds that Magna Grecia accomplished in southern Italy, building works still present.

From Salerno to Paestum and throughout the area, you can observe the production processes in the famous local dairies, where buffalo mozzarella is produced and those who wish, could also taste the local products and have lunch on the spot. During the trip you can admire the blue sea and the overhangs that characterize the coast, you will cross hairpin bends and reach the plains of the Sele, which surround the homonymous river. After that, you will finally have arrived in Paestum.

Paestum, one of the main centers of Magna Grecia

In Paestum there are two of the major Italian archaeological sites, in which the footsteps of Magna Grecia are present. You can admire the wonderful archaeological park that emerged after the excavations, named World Heritage by UNESCO.

Here are the three temples: that of Hera also called Basilica and is the oldest and most majestic, with its 26 meters wide and 55 meters in length and is totally built according to the Doric style. The second is the largest of all, the Temple of Poseidon, which recalls that of Zeus in Olympia and was built in the Doric style, in 460 BC. The third is the Temple of Ceres, it is an evocative sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Athena and is slightly smaller.

Once past the temples, you will head towards the Roman Forum and the Amphitheater, along the enchanting Via Sacra di Paestum. Once you visit the ruins in the open air, you will go to the National Archaeological Museum, which houses treasures such as: the statue of Zeus, the famous Tomb of the Diver, the 33 metopes of the Temple of Hera and the crater with the mouse of Europe.