Tour Amalfi Coast

“Here, in this place of the world that is not of this world, where every look is already emotion and every thought is already dream, here you can.” (Written on the wall of Furore)

This enchanting corner of paradise, inserted in the 55 Italian Unesco heritage sites, overlooks the splendidly crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea; the Amalfi Coast stretches sinuously for 55 km, from Vietri sul Mare to Positano, meeting in its other 14 municipalities. The Lattari Mountains protect it corolla, which create incredible panoramas in the area characterized by coves, inlets, small valleys and promontories that plunge steeply into the sea.

Villages, small villages and ancient villages, rare pearls that characterize the Amalfi Coast; different from each other, with different traditions and customs but embraced one another thanks to the oriental origin that is evident in the constructions of the most important monuments of the Amalfi Coast: the Cathedral of Amalfi, the Saracen Tower of Cetara, the Church of San Salvatore in Atrani.

Among the wonders that characterize the Amalfi Coast, one is certainly the extraordinary nature of the Fiord of Furore. Even if for once, this place must be visited, it is extremely fantastic to let yourself be excited by the open wound in the rocky spur that forms the fjord, inside which, the emerald green sea, breaks its waves on the beach. The colorful houses, the fragrant gardens and the stairs sometimes so steep as to take your breath but that lead to squares embedded in the rock, to small churches with domes that recall the ancient east, are only part of the beauty that pen cannot describe but, what eye must admire.

  • Fishermen on enchanted beaches: Along the winding road that connects the 16 municipalities of the Amalfi Coast there are also small fishing villages, the undisputed destination of sea lovers, Cetara and Maiori, with their particular bays of fine and golden sand are the most popular places popular for zero-stress holidays. The nearby village of Minori, defined by most: the paradise of the Amalfi Coast, due to its absolutely favorable weather conditions, overlooks a sunny inlet with a spectacular sea, offering lemon groves that are unique in the world.
  • Her Majesty the Queen: undisputed Queen of the Amalfi Coast, precious and enchanted pearl from which it will be difficult to detach herself is Positano, with its endless and fascinating stairways, small and very narrow alleys, mysterious underpasses today a kingdom of delicious boutiques known all over the world, thanks to clothing called precisely “Positano fashion”.
  • The coast is also a mountain: Incredible but true, climbing on the ridges of the Lattari Mountains, we find the little jewels of the Amalfi coast, worthy of being visited not only for their beauty but for the landscapes that those visitors offer from those heights: Scala, Tramonti , Raito and the famous Ravello, with its magnificent noble villas.